Board Notes: April 12, 2022

BOARD NOTES – April 12, 2022

Workshop Items
Guyer High School Student-Driven Classroom Presentation
Guyer High School Architecture students present to the board ideas for their studio design classroom led by first-year design teacher Mrs. Hannah Malcom. A team of six Guyer High School juniors put together a design plan for their classroom and presented it to the GHS staff. The winning design was selected to be funded by campus principal Dr. Shaun Perry. The students are currently installing the design as their final project.

“We all know what the last two years has meant to our students, so this is providing a gift to these students that is bigger than you could imagine,” said Barbara Burns, trustee.

2020-2021 Budget Planning Discussion
Dr. Scott Niven, Chief Financial Officer, and Jennifer Stewart, Director of Budgeting presented an overview of the updated 2022-2023 revenue budget. The current year budget was amended due to an increase of $1.9 billion in certified property values. Dr. Niven and Jennifer stated they see a “flat” increase in state funding from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021.

Mrs. Stewart also reviewed the summary of the proposed budget changes which are mostly because of personnel additions due to programmatic growth because of the student population. She also reviewed the impact of COVID-19 and possible changes in the budget due to the pandemic. The 2020-2021 budget is built on an appraised value growth of 10%. Dr. Niven provided several scenarios based upon ADA growth percentages and appraised value growth percentages and the ability of the District to pay down debt in the future.

TIACON 2022 Workshop Presentation
Ross Garison, director of instruction technology, provided the Board with an update on the planning of Denton ISD’s annual TIACON digital learning conference. In preparation for the return of the conference, some changes have been made to better align the conference with the district’s staff development efforts as a whole. 

Rather than function as a standalone event in late July, TIACON will function as an embedded, technology-focused element of a two-week professional development event,
joining the Mary Helen Martin Assessment For Learning Conference and Summer Seminar. For more information, visit


Report Items

Announcement of Board Continuing Education Hours
President Doug Chadwick read that all current board members have completed the required hours of training. The continuing education required under the Texas Education Code, §11.159, applies to each member of an independent school district board of trustees. The continuing education requirement consists of four categories (sometimes called “tiers”) including orientation sessions, an annual team building session with the local board and the superintendent, and continuing education to meet the assessed needs and training on evaluating and improving student outcomes. Experienced board members are required to log between nine to sixteen hours of continuing education annually. 

New Business

Approval of Employee Compensation