Board Notes: May 10, 2022

Board Notes: May 10, 2022

Workshop Items

Student Voice through (AVID) Advanced Via Individual Determination
Dr. Jeff Russell, area superintendent, and DeCorian Hailey, principal, with Braswell High School students of the AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) program shared their perspectives, suggestions, and recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Currently, 73 students are enrolled in AVID as an elective with a projected 123 enrolled for next year.

The AVID program will be expanded to include freshman at Guyer High School next fall.

Students Paulina Aguilar, Zacchaeus Harris-Gulley and Hana Troung-Lateko presented their experiences and the advantages they believe the program has made in their academic path.
Discussion of the “New” Newton Rayzor Elementary Campus and Calhoun Middle School Renovations
Brandon Boyter, executive director of construction, reviews the planned renovations and changes for New Newton Rayzor Elementary and Calhoun Middle School, which will be built on the former site of Denton High. Contractor Corgan’s Keith Cummings outlined the plans for the two campuses which will face Crescent Street or north, giving the campuses a neighborhood facing feel and new address. There was extensive discussion on the energy efficiency of the building, especially the windows.

Each of the campuses will have collaborative learning areas, including outdoor areas which can be used for a variety of instructional purposes.

Raising Blended Learners Grant Programs
Patrick O’Neil, Emerging Technologies and Pathways Coordinator, provided the Board with an update on the progress of the Raising Blended Learners Grant Program, funded by the Raise Your Hand Texas Grant. The four-year initiative to showcase strategies for using blended learning to help close achievement gaps. The Raising Blended Learners Pilot was intended to begin with teacher training in the fall of 2020, and implementation in the spring of 2021. But COVID-19 pushed us back to a fall 2021 start

By the end of 2024, after four years, the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation will have provided $261,996 in grant money to Denton ISD. This grant provides professional development for teachers and district support staff, coaching from our partners at Region 11, substitute teachers for the RBL teachers when they must be away for professional learning, computer hardware for student use, reading materials, and stipends for some district staff. It could also be used to send teachers to conferences at which they can learn more about blended learning. We currently have eight teachers participating in the program, two from each high school. The program serves approximately 950 students.

Discussion of the 2021-2022 Budget Planning Discussion
Jennifer Stewart, Executive Director of Budget reviewed 2021-2022 Hold Harmless Average Daily Attendance and the 2022-2023 preliminary property values. When the District received the preliminary values for this year there was a 26% increase in this first report. These values will decrease after protests. Ms. Stewart feels that based on the historical trends the District could have a 13% increase in values. When property taxes rise, the District receives less funding from the State which is almost a dollar-for-dollar loss of 13.6 % funding from the State. If the State would maintain its current level of funding, then Denton ISD would be able to reduce
their M&O tax rate by possibly 2 cents less.

Discussion of Texas Association of School Boards 2022-2024 Advocacy Resolutions
The purpose of this report is to provide an opportunity for the Board of Trustees to submit resolutions to be included in the upcoming TASB Advocacy Agenda. As the District continues to express concern and advocate for policy changes to address the capacity of public education to provide an equitable education for all Texas students, we recognize the need for the continued support of those organizations supporting our community. The District also realizes the power of a unified voice and the critical intertwining of these organizations in advocating for policies impacting our students, families, and community.

Discussion of Board Operating Procedures
Mia Price, Vice President reviewed the revisions the Board Committee has made to the current Board Operating Procedures.