• Denton ISD Prospective Librarian Recording - October 19, 2020


    Criteria outlined by The Texas Education Agency to become a certified school librarian in Texas:

    • You must have been a certified teacher for a minimum of 2 years in a public or accredited private school in any grade EC-12.
    • You must have completed a state approved Master of Library Science or Information Science program in school librarianship (courses must be no more than 6 years old when an application is made for school librarian certification).
    • and you must receive a passing score on the TExES School Librarian exam administered by the State.
    • **If you already have a Master's degree in an education field, you can take your exam once you have completed 24 hours of library science course work.

    Where should I get my Library Certificate? There are several places around the state where you can get your degree.  It depends on your long-term goals.  

    • If there is a possibility you might move to another state or think you might want to be a public or academic librarian, you will need the full Master of Library Science from an American Library Association Accredited Program.   There are three accredited programs in Texas: