Chromebook Insurance Policy

  • Student Device Insurance Agreement

    Denton ISD will assign a Chromebook and a charger to each student to ensure that all students have access to the digital tools and resources necessary to participate in classes, whether in person or remotely. Each student must have a District device for testing, per state regulations. In cases where students are furnishing their own device, a loaner device will be available for testing. 

    Periodically, devices are refreshed and, at that time, the student will need to return the original Chromebook & charger to receive the new device.

    Upon withdrawal from Denton ISD, the Chromebook and charger must be returned to the student's home campus or to the Technology building: 

    200 W. Congress, Denton, TX 76201

    The Chromebook that will be issued is the property of Denton Independent School District and is made available as a learning tool for the student. Students and their parent/guardian are reminded that the use of Denton ISD Technology is a privilege and not a right. Actions taken or materials accessed on any DISD-owned device, network, or electronic communication device are monitored and filtered by the Denton ISD Technology Division to ensure CIPA compliance.

    A $20 non-refundable yearly insurance fee for the school year will be offered during enrollment ($10 for Economically Disadvantaged students).

    This insurance covers repairs not to exceed an annual total of $200. The parent/guardian will be responsible for any repairs over $200. In some cases this may include the purchase of a new device. All parts, replacements or repairs will be provided by the Technology Division. Non Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts are prohibited. 

    District equipment that is used inappropriately, lost, defaced, or has continuous damages may result in limited or banned device usage and/or disciplinary consequences. If full payment for repair fee or replacement fee cannot be made at one time, partial payments may be made by cash or check at your student’s campus.

    • Part costs are determined by the device model. The final determination of repair costs will be made by the Technology Division based on a student incident report.
    • When receiving a newly issued device, report any existing damage within 48 hours of receiving the device to the student’s teacher.
    • Report any accidental or intentional damage to your student’s teacher immediately.
    • Repairs due to normal wear and tear will not be assessed to the student.

    *Wear and tear damages will be determined at the discretion of the Technology Division.

    Estimated Part Costs: ** Please note that pricing is subject to change as manufacturers make pricing adjustments. 




    $256 +


    $35 - $215


    $30 - $55




    $15 - $55


    $25 - $55




    Payments may be made at the student's campus by cash or check, or by credit card through the online payment portal. Payment instructions will be sent by email at a later date to the primary guardian of the students that have agreed to accept the yearly Chromebook & charger insurance fee.  

    For care of your Chromebook, please reference:

    The website link for Denton ISD’s Online Payments Portal: