Hill Elementary School


      • Tasks completed in previous 90 days:

        • Overhead and in-wall MEP is ongoing in all areas. In-wall inspections
        • Curtain wall construction in the courtyard, North & South entry complete
        • Level 1 sheetrock is ongoing in two areas
        • Level 2 sheetrock started
        • Cabinets/millwork started in April-May
        • The courtyard wall construction complete
        • Temp air in the building for climate control
        • Pre-fab canopies began in April
        • Permanent power in the building end of May
        • Fencing, irrigation, and landscaping started
        • Playground installation started
        • Courtyard Turf/landscaping began the end of April

        Upcoming Tasks:

        • Canopy installation has begun
        • Installation of carpet will begin in the admin area
        • The ceiling grid is being installed throughout
        • IDF and MDF rooms are being completed by mid-late May
        • Millwork is being installed throughout
        • Tile in all areas is ongoing
        • The ceilings in the cafeteria have begun
        • Site work is ongoing. Fencing, irrigation etc
        • Finishes are ongoing throughout the building
        • Elevator to be installed
        • Finishes are ongoing throughout
        • Solar Panels are being installed on the roof