Air Quality Guidelines for Outdoor Activities

  • In order to keep our students with respiratory conditions safe at school, administrators and nurses at Denton ISD plan to provide teachers and coaches with current information about weather and air quality alerts and keeping your student healthy and safe while allowing for necessary exercise and fresh air.

    Campus administrators will provide plans for students who need to remain inside for health reasons. Each day, information will be provided with the ozone and temperature forecasts.

    Teachers and coaches are encouraged to check for alert notifications before going outside, as the weather can change quickly. Students with respiratory conditions are impacted differently, some by heat,  others by cold or high humidity.

    Denton ISD has established Outdoor Activity Air Quality Guidelines:
    Yellow Modified activities for high-risk students. Students with symptoms of respiratory problems should remain inside.
    Orange Cancel activity for high-risk students and modify activities for all other student. High-risk students should remain inside (even if asymptomatic).
    Red Cancel all outdoor activities for all students after 11 a.m.
    Purple Cancel all outdoor activities for all students.

    Modified activities refers to intensity and duration restrictions. When modified activities are implemented, activities are limited to no more than 15 minutes. No running or intense activities will take place when this implementation is in place. High-risk students refers to students with asthma, heat-related or pollution-related illnesses.

    These guidelines do not apply those secondary students involved in athletics and acclimating to weather conditions. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your campus nurse or the Health Services department.