Cold Weather Guidelines

  • In order to keep students safe from potentially harmful inclement weather, administrators and nurses at Denton ISD have guidelines for cold weather issues affecting outdoor student activities. Additionally, principals have the option to cancel or limit outdoor activities for any situation they deem unsafe.
    Denton ISD has established the following Outdoor Activity Cold Weather Guidelines:
    Green Zone This zone is based on a wind chill above 32. A wind chill of 32 degrees is considered cold and generally uncomfortable. Most students can tolerate this wind chill if they are appropriately dressed.
    Yellow Zone This zone is based on a wind chill below 32. Outdoor student activities will need to be modified if a yellow weather conditions exist. The modification will include restricting and monitoring the amount of time students spend outside and monitoring the appropriateness of clothing. Students who do not have the appropriate clothing should not be allowed to play outside.
    Red Zone This zone is based on low air temperatures and may be accompanied with moderate to strong winds. Exposure to these conditions may cause hypothermia. Precautions should be used by all staff and students-including limiting the exposure time and wearing appropriate clothing, including coats, hats, and gloves. Students should remain inside when these conditions exist.
    Certain students and staff, because of existing medical conditions or risk factors, may need to exercise additional precautions. These conditions may include but are not limited to asthma, heart conditions, respiratory conditions, immunosupression or cystic fibrosis. Consult with the campus nurse regarding individual concerns.

    Secondary students who are being acclimatized to outside conditions for co-curricular activities will use separate guidelines from trainers, coaches and sponsors.

    All students will be carefully monitored and safety will be the highest priority.

Heat Guidelines

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