• Denton ISD DOI Colloquy: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 

    DOI Committee members met to review the feedback offered on the “DOI Barriers and Innovations” spreadsheet to this point. The form asks the following questions in the four areas identified on the Denton ISD What We Value Survey:

    What barriers prevent Denton ISD from meeting students’ needs and/or impedes 1) teaching and learning; 2) student opportunities; 3) school culture/climate; and 4) growth and management?
    • Explain this barrier in more detail.
    • What would evidence of its implementation look like?
    • What evidence could demonstrate its impact?
    • Is this internal (i.e. local policy, procedure, etc.) or external (i.e. federal or state law, mandate, etc.)?
    • Any additional comments or feedback regarding this barrier?
    Feedback generated is divided into internal (i.e. local policy, procedure, etc.) and external (i.e. federal or state law, mandate, etc.) barriers. External barriers will be included in the DOI Plan proposed to the Denton ISD Board of Trustees. Once finalized, external barriers will be assigned to the appropriate Denton ISD division and department for resolution. Internal barriers will be reviewed, discussed, and addressed internally.
    To this point, the following external barriers have been identified in the “DOI Barriers and Innovations” spreadsheet:
    • School start date
    • Certification (related to career and technology education)
    • Class size
    • 90% attendance
    The committee discussed the next steps to be taken. The October 11 DOI Colloquy will be cancelled; and in its place, campus teacher reps will work collaboratively with campus principals to hold campus-specific meetings to provide an update of the external barriers already included and to collect additional feedback from the campus regarding additional barriers yet to be included. Therefore, each and every educator in Denton ISD will have the opportunity to contribute to the process of identifying barriers. Committee members asked for specific guidance on what to share with the campus. Members will be provided with a set of expected outcomes as well as materials such as handouts and/or presentation slides by Friday, October 7 with a target date of Wednesday, October 5. Committee members examined a document listing statewide exemptions claimed by other Texas ISDs (http://www.slideshare.net/chrisshade/tea-doi-summary-of-district-exemptions), reviewed a few example DOI Plans posted to the TEA website (http://tea.texas.gov/Texas_Schools/General_Information/Innovation/Districts_of_Innovation/), and the format of the Denton ISD DOI Plan was revealed, which will include videos of DOI members giving the rationale behind the exemptions. The DRAFT sample can be found on the Denton ISD website at https://www.dentonisd.org/Page/88592