Denton ISD Amendment to Current Local Innovation Plan

  • With regard to each area of innovation, the District declares exemption from the listed statutory provision, as well as any implementing rules or regulations promulgated pursuant to those statutory provisions by any state agency or entity, including but not limited to the Commission of Education, Texas Education Agency, State Board for Educator Certification, and State Board of Education.

  • Sec. Code 45.205: Depository Contracts

  • Sec. Code 21.102(b), 21.211(b). DCA (Legal): Certified employee contract rights (specifically second probationary year for teachers hired under 5 of 8 rule and suspensions without pay)

  • Sec. Code 37.105: Unauthorized Persons

  • Sec. Code 21.044: Educator Preparations

  • Sec. Code 22.004(i): Inhibits the Goals of the Local Innovation Plan

  • Sec. Code §22.004(i): Exemption from Texas Education Code