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Steps for Requesting a Mentor in Denton ISD

  • Congratulations on making the decision to work on a Master of Library Science degree.  Not only do you have an opportunity to engage with students is a variety of ways, but with the inclusion of both technology and Makerspaces (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into libraries, every day is a new adventure. 


    Guiding Principles for Interns in Denton ISD


    1.  For employees, all internship hours must be collected outside of regular contract hours.  This is not a change in policy or procedure.  In the past, interns have taken personal time in order to complete the hours needed for their internships.


    2.  Setting up internships on neighboring campuses is the best way to ensure that hours are properly collected, and the best way to safeguard against dual relationships.  Working as a library intern on the same campus where you teach can easily place you in a situation where dual relationships (you and student, you and peer/educator, you and supervisor) are inadvertently created.


    3.  Internship Guidelines from the university and/or the state dictate which librarians may serve as mentors.  As much as possible we select sites close to the interns home or campus to help reduce travel time.  However, it isn't always possible to find a mentor who meets the requirements set forth by the state and is in close geographic proximity to the interns home or campus.


    4.  Because librarians are certified K-12, it is important that during the internship there is an opportunity to work at a level that is different from the level where you teach.  While the work of a librarian, regardless of the level, is focused on the literacy needs of the student, the manner in which that work is accomplished varies widely.  Texas Administrative Code requires you to spend 120-160 hours in your practicum.  We expect you spend half of it in an elementary and the other half in a secondary school. 


    5.  Ethical guidelines now include specific information for Intern Site Supervisors.  We want to ensure that we do not create any situation which would violate these guidelines. 


    6.  We want to support the growth of our staff while we meet the requirements set forth by our governing boards. 


    To begin:

    Submit all paperwork to the Library Coordinator - library@dentonisd.org.  


     Step 1: The university student must initiate the request for a practicum by completing the Single Student Observation Form.  This form must be signed by the student, a digital signature will not be acceptable.


           Step 2: The student must request a letter from the university or ACP with letterhead with the following requirements:

    • Student Name

    • Description of the assignment

    • Certification grade Level

    • Certification Subject/Area

    • Total of Hours Required

    * UNT Students please contact Toby Faber at toby.faber@unt.edu

    * TWU Students please contact Kelly Meyer at kmeyer2@twu.edu


         Step 3:  Students must submit an Electronic Background Check form through AppliTrack and choose Single Observations posting under Vacancy Desired.

              Click here for an application.  Click here for instructions.

    The student will immediately receive an email confirmation from AppliTrack after successfully completing their application under Single Observation Posting.

    * Note that the email confirmation will need to be forwarded to the Library Coordinator, please ensure the Job ID number reflects on the email forwarded.


           Step 4: The following documentation will need to be forwarded to the Library Coordinator at library@dentonisd.org

    • Single Student Observation Form – completed and signed

    • Letter from University/ACP

    • AppliTrack email confirmation reflecting completion of application and Job ID number

    5.  Once all your paperwork has been submitted to the Library Coordinator, it will be sent to the Human Resources department for further processing.  You will be notified by the Library Coordinator once all your documentation and background screening has been cleared.


    6.  Library Internship for Fall 2018 will be accepted from July 15, 2018, through October 15, 2018.   Library Internship for Spring 2019 will be accepted from December 1, 2018, through February 15, 2019.


    7.  The Library Coordinator will email you and your mentors, stating you have been cleared to be on their campuses.  


    8.  You may contact your mentor to schedule your first visit.


    9.  The Library Coordinator will request to observe you three times during your practicum.  One visit will be scheduled at in the first six weeks of your practicum, one during the second six weeks, and one during the final 6 weeks.


    If you have any questions, please contact the Library Coordinator.