Mentoring with Denton ISD

  • Robson Ranch Mentor Become a mentor.  Help strengthen our community. 

    All children have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society. However, not all children get the support they need to thrive. Mentoring happens when caring individuals provide young people with support, advice, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive examples. Mentoring can and does help young people succeed, no matter what their circumstances!  At its most basic level, mentoring helps because it lets young people know that they have others who care about them, and who will listen to their dreams and help them achieve their goals.

    Learn more about campus-specific mentoring by contacting a campus mentor. For more information or questions about the program, please contact Denton ISD's Community Engagement Team at:  

    Leigh Ann Weaver
    Community Engagement Coordinator  

    Chris Ice
    Community Engagement Specialist 

Become a Mentor

  • Becoming a Denton ISD Mentor is easy!  Just commit to:

    • Complete the mentor application (Coming Soon)
    • Complete and pass the volunteer background check
    • Attend a district mentor training
    • Report your mentor hours
    • Keep all student information private and confidential
    • Meet with your mentee at the designated time and location each week for the 2019-2020 academic year
    • Notify the campus mentor contact whenever you are unable to make a session so that a mentee is not left waiting for their mentor to arrive

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  • Where are mentors needed?

  • How is mentoring different than volunteering?

  • Who are mentors?

  • Does mentoring make a difference?

  • Do I need special skills to be a mentor?

  • What do students do with their mentors?

  • Who can participate as a mentee?