Shout Out for Public Schools!

  • Public schools are underfunded by billions, and any available funding should be prioritized for teacher raises and to help public schools pay the bills.

    Today during Governor Abbott’s Special Session, our lawmakers have the opportunity right now to meet their promise to fully fund public education and stop holding our children, teachers and family’s hostage to private school subsidies negotiations. 

    Private school subsidies or education savings accounts (ESAs) were posted as the first item on Governor Abbott’s call of the special session and addressing public-school funding was not. 88th Legislature Proclamation

    There is enough money to fully fund Texas public education!

    Right now, Shout Out to our State Legislators and let them know to fully fund Denton ISD schools.

    • The Texas school finance system does not increase funding when inflation rises – and it never has.
    • Denton ISD is dealing with massive increases in utility costs, fuel, insurance, cafeteria food, construction costs and other operational expenses.
    • Denton ISD’s tax base is growing, but contrary to popular belief, Denton ISD schools do not see a single dollar to our general fund from the additional tax revenue generated by our home and business owners.
    • The basic allotment that funds every public-school child in Texas has remained stagnant since 2019. 
    • Because of record inflation, public schools need more than $14 billion in new per student funding to have the same buying power as in 2019.
    • The state only provided $2.6 billion during the most recent, regular legislative session, and none of those funds was in the basic allotment used for employee raises.
    • School choice and public education funding should be two separate issues, not one. 
    • Addressing public school funding now would enable districts like Denton ISD to keep up with the rising costs, while continuing to raise the bar for student achievement, attract high-quality educators, provide safe learning environments and further bolster the economic engine of our community.