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    At Denton ISD, the safety of your child and our staff is always a top priority. We have well-established safety protocols which we follow and practice on a routine basis.

    In our more than 180 square mile district we partner with the Corinth Police Department, the Denton County Sheriff's Office, Denton Police Department, Little Elm Police Department, Oak Point Police Department and other law enforcement partners. Our Student Resource Officers (SROs) include more than 20 fully commissioned and armed law enforcement officers. Every middle and high school campus has at least one police officer assigned full-time. A full-time officer is capable of responding to every elementary within minutes.

    All campuses conduct safety drills of all types to routinely affirm safety protocols as well as establish a clear chain of command. Students and staff practice drills regularly and document their procedures to ensure best practices are in place. Audits of safety procedures are conducted each year of all district facilities and are on file with the Texas Education Agency, including the recent inspection of locks on exterior doors.

    Since each campus is unique, every individual school has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses their procedures. The plan is reviewed by their school’s Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) that is responsible for reviewing campus processes.

    Denton ISD maintains an anonymous reporting system, STOPit, that is monitored 24 hours a day. Any student, staff or community member may report an incident of bullying, discrimination, drug or alcohol-related issue, potential threat/violence or cyber abuse by text, image or video through our system.  

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