• Seesaw Walkthrough

    Watch this video for a tour inside a student's Seesaw app or check out the step-by-step instructions below. 


  • Adding work to your Student Journal

    Click the green plus to get started

    plus sign

    Then, choose the tool you want to use

    tool choices

  • Completing Activities

    If you have a red number by the lightbulb, you have a new activity to do

    Click the light bulb to see your activities

    lightbulb icon


    Here is an activity- you can see your step by step instructions

    If you see "Play instructions" you can click to listen to the activity instructions

    play audio instructions


    Click the Add Response button to get started on your activity

    add response


    While you are working on your activity, you can click on "View Instructions" at the top to look at your steps again

    View instructions


    Click the green check when you are ready to turn in your work

    check mark

  • Creative Tools - Click a tool below to learn how to use it