Instructional Resources in Denton ISD

  • Resource Selection

    Denton ISD provides students with access to instructional materials, including print and digital texts. The district is equally committed to honoring every student's first amendment right to inquiry into a diverse array of topics, and parents' rights to help their children choose their level of exposure to various texts.

    For more information about instructional resources, including the difference between curriculum-related instructional materials and free-choice library materials, please see this resource from the Texas Association of School Boards

    In Denton ISD, print and digital texts are procured in one of four ways:

  • 1. Textbook Adoption Process

  • 2. Curriculum Titles: District Selected

  • 3. Classroom Titles: Campus-Selected

  • 4. Library Materials

  • Resource Reconsideration

    A process exists to provide district parents, staff members, or residents an opportunity to request reconsideration of resources available within the district believed to be inappropriate for student access. Detailed information about this process may be found within policy EF(LOCAL). If a parent, staff member, or community member wishes to request reconsideration of an instructional resource available to students, they must contact the campus principal for information about the process.

    Please note the district's guiding principles for this process.

    1. A complainant may raise an objection to an instructional resource used in a school's educational program, despite the fact that the professional staff selecting the resources were qualified to make the selection, followed the proper procedure, and adhered to the objectives and criteria for instructional resources set out in this policy.

    2. A parent's ability to exercise control over reading, listening, or viewing matter extends only to his or her own child.

    3. Access to a challenged resource shall not be restricted during the reconsideration process, except the District may deny access to a child if requested by the child's parent.

    The major criterion for the final decision on challenged resources is the appropriateness of the resource for its intended educational use. No challenged instructional resource shall be removed solely because of the ideas expressed therein.