•  Our Vision


    Denton ISD Instructional Technology will empower educators to integrate digital learning
    so that all students will be ready for 21st century success.


    What we do

    As a department, we strive to support the creative endeavors of our educators through technological tools and training.  Ultimately, we help our teachers provide engaged learning that is personally challenging and inspiring for our students.  Some of the tools and initiatives we support include:

    • Blended Learning
    • Distance Learning
    • Google Apps for Education

    How we do it

    • Technology Integration Support - Our campuses are served by Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) who empower teachers to maximize the effective use of technology in the daily learning process.  Our ITSs work with teachers in one-on-one, small group, and campus wide settings. Click here to read more about our ITS Team. While the ITSs provide on-campus training, the Instructional Technology department creates how-to videos, hosts webinars, and helps organize district wide training opportunities. Our department also consists of district trainers, the district webmaster, and a distance learning expert.  All these key stakeholders play a vital role to the success of our students.
    • Library & Media Services - Click here for more information about Library and Media Services.

    • Professional Development – Our department will conduct numerous in-service workshops throughout the year both for individual campuses as well as district wide at the Professional Development Center. Our largest PD opportunity is the “Lone Star Technology-in-Action (TIA) conference. What began as a small 300 attendee conference in 2010 has grown to be a 2000+ attendee conference in 2013!  Hosted by Denton ISD, this conference attracts educators and technologists from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  Seeing how others integrate technology in the classroom is a vital need that this conference has filled for so many. Click here to learn more about Lone Star TIA.


    Instructional Technology Contacts
    Dwight Goodwin - Director of Instructional Technology
                Phone: 369-0107             
                E-mail: dgoodwin@dentonisd.org
    Holly Martin - Administrative Assistant
                Phone: 369-0579
                E-mail: hmartin@dentonisd.org
    Ross Garison - Coordinator of Instructional Technology
                 Phone: 369-0112
                 E-mail: rgarison@dentonisd.org
    Donna Kearley - Library Services Coordinator
                Phone: 369-0088
                E-mail: dkearley@dentonisd.org
                Website: www.dentonisd.org/libraryservices 
    Leslie Taylor - Gradebook Specialist/Instructional Technologist
              Phone: 369-0578
              E-mail: ltaylor@dentonisd.org
              Website: www.dentonisd.org/ltaylor
    Roy Verges - Video Specialist/Distance Learning Specialist
              Phone: 369-0116
              E-mail: rverges@dentonisd.org