• Students to Receive Specially Designed Instruction through IEP

    For students with disabilities who receive specially designed instruction and who may not be experiencing academic success, the Department of Special Education requires that the Annual Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee convene to address student progress.   

    In Denton ISD, each student's Annual Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee will address any reasonable, necessary interventions. Their goal is to create a plan to guide academic achievement and positive behavior for students who receive services.

    This process applies to students attending school face-to-face or ConnectedLearning.

    Campuses will reconvene an ARD to design an Individual Education Plan (IEP) under the following conditions:

    1. The student currently receives specially designed instruction in the subject via an IEP goal;
    2. The student receives a failing grade in a subject on their report card, and
    3. The student continues to receive a failing grade in that subject on the next progress report

    During the ARD meeting, the committee will review the barriers to success in the identified subject or area.   Additionally, the committee will review current services to determine if a change is necessary or if additional, reasonable accommodations are necessary to assist the student in making progress towards the IEP goals and the general curriculum.

    For more information please contact your student's Campus Administrator or the district's Department of Special Education.