• Your Role, As a Parent

    As a parent, you are able to influence what your child reads, listens to, or views while at school. The options below show what you may do when you have a question about how best to help your child make decisions about their reading.

    1. Set Up a Meeting: You may request to meet with your child's teachers, principal, or librarian to look at your options.
    2. Request Resources: You may reach out to your child's teacher(s) and request they share resources that have been, or will be, assigned in class and may request an alternative assignment for your child.
    3. Provide a List: You may provide your child's librarian a list of titles you do not want them to have access to for check out.
    4. Pursue Reconsideration: If you believe a resource is inappropriate, not only for your child, but for all children in the district or in a particular grade range, you may pursue a formal reconsideration.