Welcome to the Denton ISD Grants Department

  • The Denton ISD Grants Department is responsible for the financial management of grant programs through federal, state, local and private sources.

    Our department’s services include:

    • Ensuring grant funds are expended in compliance with grant guidelines.
    • Providing information on external funding opportunities and resources.
    • Assisting Grant Program Managers in the planning and development of grant applications.
    • Providing a central location for development and dissemination of grants information.
    • Assisting with financial compliance for federal, state, local and private sources.
    • Communicating pertinent information with educational stakeholders.

    Our mission is to ensure grant expenditures are aligned with the district's mission, core values, funding priorities, and improvement plan. 

Important Information

  • A Denton ISD Intent to Apply for Grant form must be completed and sent to the Denton ISD Grants Department in order to apply for any grant. Please visit the Apply for a Grant page for more information.

Contact Us

  • Denton ISD Grants Department
    1303 N Elm St. Denton, TX 76201
    Phone: 940.369.0462
    Email: grants@dentonisd.org



A Special Thank You

  • A special thank you to Cathi Robbins, who dedicated over 20 years of her life to Denton ISD. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the love, dedication, and hard work you poured into our district. Your passion and dedication will be felt throughout Denton ISD for many years to come. Thank you for helping us achieve so much. May you enjoy your retired life as much as we’ve enjoyed working with you. Happy Retirement!