• Student Proof of Residency Information
    Residency Qualifications
    • Current Proof of Residency (See requirements listed below)
    • Students may not be enrolled in district schools without proof of residence.

    Residency Information Required
    If living in own residence or renting
      • Provide valid parent/guardian photo ID (Can not be expired)
      • Provide current utility bill showing name, current address, service address, and date
      • Provide rental agreement or lease (if renting or leasing)
      • Provide copy of purchase contract or monthly mortgage statement* showing name and current address
    *If providing a mortgage statement, your campus will require the following items:
          • Provide photo ID with address
          • Provide utility bill within 30 days of enrollment
    If building in Denton ISD

    • Provide parent/guardian photo ID
    • Provide builder's contract showing expected completion date (Family must occupy home within 45 days from date of enrollment)
    • Campus will follow up (At projected completion date)
      • Provide photo ID with new address
      • Provide utility bill showing new address (Utility deposit or connection confirmation)
    If living in another person's residence

    • Provide parent/guardian photo ID
    • Provide photo ID of person responsible for (owner of) residence
    • Provide current utility bill showing name of owner, current address, service address, and date
    • Residence owner to complete Affidavit of Residency (notarized)
    • If child(ren) not living with parent, provide court document or power of attorney (signed by parent/guardian and notarized)
    • Campus will follow up (in 30 – 60 days)
       All residency affidavits are subject to verification by campus/attendance officer and if falsification of information is determined, withdrawal is immediate in accordance with FD (legal).