• Secondary English Language Arts

  • Welcome to the world of words -- where words are spoken and written, heard and read. Literacy, previously defined as the ability to read, has been expanded to include reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking.

     Guiding Principles --

    • Learning is socially constructed.
    • Learning and literacy are social, cultural, and historical practices.
    • Reading is a transaction between the reader and the text, and each reader brings a unique experience to each reading of the text in order to create meaning.
    • Literacy is not a luxury for the few but a requisite for the many.

    Strategic Goals --

    • Elimination of any achievement gap
    • Teaching all students to grow as critical readers, effective writers, judicious thinkers, and knowledgeable producers of the English language

  • Natalie Nash, Secondary Coordinator for English Language Arts - Email: nnash@dentonisd.org