Psychological Services

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  • Denton ISD boasts an array of psychological services provided to students with eligibility for special education services and who have been identified as having an emotional or behavioral need. The services to be provided to an individual student are determined by the student's Individual Education Plan Committee (IEPc). Psychological services include providing individual evaluation as a member of the Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) team, conducting functional behavioral assessments (FBA), providing direct services to students, such as counseling, crisis intervention, group and individual counseling, and social skills training; collaborating with team members in developing and implementing behavioral interventions, positive behavior supports, and reinforcement systems; conducting training for staff members, providing classroom consultation, and providing short term family-counseling for families of specifically identified students.

    Psychological services are provided in conjunction with services for students with any eligibility, providing there is a documented, IEPc determined, emotional or behavioral need.

    The Family Counseling Center (FCC), located at Calhoun Middle School, is a center developed to serve children in special education and their families. The goal is to provide guidance, support, and training to parents so that their student can gain the most from his/her public education. The purpose of the FCC is to bridge the gap between home and school because both are so important in a child’s life. Sessions begin, typically, after the first six weeks of the current school year and run through the month of May. Six to eight “free of charge” weekly hour-long family counseling sessions are currently held on Tuesday evenings. Referrals to the program come from IEPc members through the campus Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP).