• Denton ISD conducts a Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) on any student suspected of having a disability that adversely affects educational performance.  Parental consent is always obtained before an FIE is conducted. Parents have the right to refuse an evaluation.

    When an evaluation is requested, the student is evaluated in all appropriate areas of suspected disability which might include academic performance, communication skills, health, hearing, motor abilities, social and emotional status, and vision.

    Professionals conducting the evaluation may include educational diagnosticians, licensed specialists in school psychology, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, and teachers. Members of the team will be chosen based on the areas of suspected disability. Parental information is always incorporated in to the FIE.

    Both formal and informal evaluation instruments will be used. Formal instruments may include standardized intelligence and achievement testing. Informal testing includes observations, teacher-made tests, and rating scales.

    After completing the evaluation, the multi-disciplinary team writes a report and shares it with the parents. An Individual Education Plan Committee (IEPc) meeting will be held at the school. Recommendations from the FIE will be reviewed with parents and appropriate school personnel that make up the IEPc.

    For initial referrals to special education, the school has 45 school days to complete the evaluation and report (special rules apply at the end of the year).  The IEPc meeting will be held within 30 days after the report is completed.