Early Childhood Special Education

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    Children receive early childhood special education services based on Individual Education Plan Committee (IEPc) recommendations following evaluation. Preschool services are individualized to meet each child's needs. Students work on goals and objectives that reduce gaps in developmental areas.

    Once a child becomes eligible for services, the IEPc determines what support the individual student needs in order to access the Prekindergarten curriculum guidelines. Some service examples include Prekindergarten with Inclusion Support, Self-Contained Classroom, Resource, and Walk-In Speech Services.The Special Education Department works to collaborate with families who have preschool children with special needs.

    During a school closure, or extended time away from school, services will continue to be provided virtually as determined by the ARD committee.



     Services for Texas Students with Disabilities Ages 3-5

    Multiple Exceptionalities and Multiple Needs (MEMN)

    The ARC

    Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (TXAEYC)

    Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines