Applying for Bus Service

  •  Students must be registered for transportation services each and every school year. Registration for bus services is done via InfoSnap at the student's campus.  If you need to register your child for the bus after the school year has begun, you will need to contact the campus registrar to ask them to request bus services in your child's ESchool file.  Bus information will be emailed to the parent before the start of the new school year.  This information will also be available in the Home Access Center.  All students are also required to have a bus access card.  Cards kept in good, working condition can be used from school year to school year.  Bus access cards cannot be purchased until the student is registered for bus services. 

     District Policy for Eligible Student Riders


    A student is eligible for transportation route services if he or she resides two or more miles from his or her campus of regular attendance measured along the shortest route to school from the property line of the residence to the property line of the school.