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      Safely transporting our future to their future with care, efficiency, and positivity.


    Driving positive change in our communities one route at a time.


    Teaching and Learning

    In pursuit of excellence, we will:

    Develop and maintain a culture where safety remains our first priority

    Foster continuous improvement efficient operations

    Cultivate a culture where a positive attitude is a consistent practice

    Culture and Climate

    In pursuit of excellence, we will:

    Establish high expectations for success

    Foster a positive, and welcoming environment

    Support a working environment ensuring open and transparent communication

    Celebrate, respect, and promote the value of diversity

    Growth and Management

    In pursuit of excellence, we will:

    Recruit, employ, and retain high-quality bus drivers and driver assistants

    Encourage staff to pursue professional development opportunities

    Provide cross-training to promote within

    Remain committed to addressing rapid growth and changing demographics

    Pursue energy efficiency, and conservation principles

    Opportunities for Students

    In pursuit of excellence, we will:

    Support the need for flexibility

    Advocate for more safe routes to school programs

    Foster equitable access to transportation for individuals and communities