Transportation Services Appeal

  • Denton ISD Transportation is available for students who live 2 miles or more from their campus. The distance a student lives from their campus is determined by a computerized routing and mapping system by which all eligibility measurements are made. This is accomplished by incorporating GIS street and parcel data provided by the county. Denton ISD measures from the closest property line of the student's residence to the property line of the campus using the shortest trafficable route. 

    Although we take measures to avoid inaccuracies, there are times when errors may occur. Below there are steps that parents/guardians can take if it is believed that an eligibility error exists. This form is only to be used if transportation services are not available for your student. 

    transportation appeal form


    • Complete the transportation appeal form.
    • A transportation employee will investigate the request and verify the distance determined by the mapping and routing system.
    • After the verification is complete, an email response will be sent with the computed distance from property line to property line.
    • If it is determined that the measurement is 2 miles or more, the appropriate change to the school boundary will be made and busing information will be provided.