Waiting List Policy

  • The Virginia Gallian Child Development Center maintains a wait list for families seeking to enroll in our program. It is best to sign up on the list as soon as you know you will need care.

    The purpose of the Waiting List Policy is to ensure a fair process is followed and communicated to all involved.

    Upon receipt of an online Waiting List Application and the waiting list fee, Gallian Center management files the application on the waiting list. To help us keep the waiting list up to date, we request a $25.00 waiting list fee. The application date is effective on the date we receive the fee. The application fee is non-refundable. However, it will be applied to the Enrollment Fee upon registration.The center provides no guarantee of entry when placing you on the wait list.

    The waitlist list is organized using the following information:

    1. Registration date
    2. Space Required date
    3. Age group
    4. Priority group
      1. Currently enrolled families
      2. Children or legal dependents of Denton ISD employees
      3. Grandchildren of Denton ISD employees
      4. Children of Denton ISD substitutes
      5. Children or legal dependents of the following community partners: City of Denton, County of Denton, UNT, TWU and NCTC

    Please check in with us about two months prior to the date you've indicated you want space. When a space becomes available within the Gallian Center, the administrative team assigns the space to the first child on the waiting list.

    Waiting Times

    It is impossible for us to predict how quickly our waiting list will progress. Therefore, we can NOT give an approximate entry date. The waiting time is affected by the number of spaces available and the time of year. Many people submit their waiting list applications when they first conceive. Applications are not accepted prior to conception.


    A Space Becomes Available

    When a space is available, we will call you and e-mail you. Every effort will be made to contact you. Telephone or email notification must be returned within 5 business days, after which we will contact the next family on the list. Parents who decline a space or do not return notification within 5 business days will drop to the bottom of the list. You will not need to repay the waiting list fee. If the offered space (required date or days) does not meet your criteria and you subsequently decline, you will remain on the waitlist list as is.

    Parents who accept an available space offered to them shall be liable for all payments for the space from the date it is reserved for your child, regardless of whether or not this is the date on which the child actually begins attending VGCDC. We will offer parents a space up-to 6 months ahead of the requested date.