Enrollment in Denton ISD

  • Enrollment Requirements

    To enroll a student in Denton ISD, the parent or legal guardian must complete online registration through InfoSnap. A student is not considered registered to attend school until the enrollment process is complete.

    Proof of Residence
    Parents or legal guardians will be required to document their address by showing legal documents such as lease agreements, contracts, or utility bills. Students must attend the campus in the attendance zone in which the parent/guardian resides unless they have received an approved district transfer. If the student moves within the school year, the campus secretary or registrar must be provided a new proof of residency.
    If you have residency questions, click here.

    Proof of Age
    All students must show a copy of their birth certificate or its equivalent.

    Transfer of Records
    The school will request a copy of a student's records from the previous school attended. If the child was enrolled in a Texas public school, these records will be requested from the previous campus electronically. If the transfer is out-of-state, the request will be made by the campus personnel via fax. The information will include identification number (either social security number or state number), county-district-campus number, campus name and phone number, sex, ethnicity, date of birth, and current grade level. Most districts will also send grades and standardized test scores. Special education records must be requested separately.

    Head Start Program
    The Denton ISD Head Start Program is a federally funded program for three and four year old economically disadvantaged children. This full-day program is located at the Ann Windle School for Young Children at 901 Audra Lane. The focus of the program, which follows state and federal guidelines and curriculums, is to increase each student's self concept, developmental skills, and pre-academic skills. To qualify for the program, the student's parents must meet the federal income guidelines established for the program.
    For additional information, please call 940-369-3900.

    A student must be three or four years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year to be in this program. Also, the student must be limited English-speaking or qualify under low-income guidelines. This is a half-day program. Full and half-day pre-school academies are available on certain campuses for a fee. Transportation for the pre-kindergarten program is the responsibility of the parent. Please contact the campus for program availability.

    A student must be five years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year to be eligible. Full day classes are offered at all elementary campuses.

    First Grade
    A student must be six years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year, have been in the first grade, or completed kindergarten in the public schools of another state before moving to the District.

    All Other Grades
    Students may enroll in grades two through twelve by showing the proper withdrawal records from an accredited private, church, or public school. These records include grades, proof of birth and immunizations. Students who have been enrolled in a non-accredited public, private, church school or have been home-schooled may enroll at the grade level on a temporary basis. The principal makes the final decision about the proper grade placement.

    Enrollment Process
    Parents or legal guardians must complete the entire enrollment process before their children are considered registered to attend Denton ISD schools.