About Our Camp

  • "A loss of sight, never a loss of vision."

    Camp Abilities Texas is returning July 7 - 13, 2024! 

    What is Camp Abilities Texas?

    Camp Abilities Texas is a one-week educational sports camp for students who are blind, visually impaired, and deafblind. The camp model provides a one-on-one instructional situation for each participant. This model provides an in-depth, enriched experience for our campers.
    Our counselors are pooled from undergraduate and graduate kinesiology programs from Texas Woman’s University. Our specialists are professionals in the education field and have a wide variety of experiences with students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind and serve as excellent role models for our students.

    The Mission of Camp Abilities Texas

    The primary mission of Camp Abilities Texas is to empower students with visual and hearing impairments to be physically active and productive members of their schools, cities, and communities, as well as to improve the health and well-being of people with sensory impairments. Many of the specialists at Camp Abilities Texas have experiences with students with various types of visual and hearing impairments. This knowledge enhances the experiences of the campers. Camp Abilities Texas teaches students what they can do in the areas of sports and recreation, which is often overlooked in their educational and home environments. 

    Camp Abilities Group Photo
    Camp Abilities Texas staffers and campers.

    At the end of camp, each student is sent home with an assessment of their performance, achievement, and abilities in the sports and recreational activities that Camp Abilities Texas offers. This information is shared with the parents and can be forwarded to the physical education instructors of each student, thus increasing their understanding of each student’s abilities.

    The second purpose of Camp Abilities Texas is to train undergraduate and graduate students in teaching sports and recreation to students with sensory impairments.

    Thirdly, Camp Abilities Texas provides the opportunity for respite time to families. When the students return home they feel more capable, independent and confident in their abilities. After their summer experience at camp, participants recognize the importance of the family link between physical health, as well as the psychological, social, economic, and environmental factors which can improve physical activity. Additionally, Camp Abilities Texas serves as a vehicle to motivate students with disabilities to go out and become involved in their communities. Once this occurs, individuals in the community gain an increased understanding and respect for the abilities of individuals with sensory impairments.


    Nonprofit Status

    Camp Abilities Texas is a program administered under the Denton Public School Foundation which is a 501 c 3 private, nonprofit educational entity.
    For the Federal ID # please contact Lisa Hanson at lhanson@dentonisd.org or visit www.dentonisd.org/foundation.