Tuition & Fees

    • Infants: $265
    • Toddlers: $243
    • Two year old: $230
    • Three year old: $214
    • Four year old $211

    Ages are approximate: Children are placed in rooms based on their age, developmental level, and space availability.

    Tuition is charged weekly, and must be paid in advance of services being provided.

    Virginia Gallian Child Development Center charges for actual days of operation. Tuition is not charged for Denton ISD school holidays/closures.  Gallian Center does not require payment for a total of 14 weeks per year. Using an average of our tuition at $175.75 per week, this calculates into a savings of $2,460.50 per year. Other centers may offer 2 weeks per year tuition free. Please consider this when comparing our tuition with other centers.



    Payroll Deduction
    The center offers payroll deductions for Denton ISD employees. The payroll deduction amount is prorated based on the number of days remaining in the academic year and the number of paychecks the employee should receive through May. Tuition deduction begins on the first paycheck after enrollment begins and the paperwork has been turned in completely, any tuition prior to that date must be paid online, unless other arrangements have been made and are agreed upon in writing. Payroll deduction paperwork must be completed by the 7th of the month for it to be applied to that month's check. Payroll deduction is the same each period as the dates the center is closed are included in the calculation. 

    Online Payment
    Gallian Center parents may pay online by going to the link below. The center no longer accepts payment via cash or check at the center.  If paying a fee such as registration or waitlist, please contact the center at 940-369-3980 to attain the payment code.

     Make an Online Payment


    • Registration Fee (non-refundable): $60 per child annually. Due with initial enrollment and then annually with each renewal.
    • Supply Fee (non-refundable): $65. Due prior to beginning care each fall
    • Late Tuition Fee: Tuition is due by Monday and is late by the end of the day on Tuesday. If payment has not been made at that time, a $30 late fee will be charged.