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Denton ISD, Law Enforcement Partners Reaffirm Commitment to School Safety with Vigilance, Visibility for Return to Campus

As Denton ISD staff returns to open the 2022-23 school year to serve a record high enrollment of more than 33,000 students across 43 campuses, there is a collective recommitment to remain vigilant and visible when it comes to school safety.

During the summer months, the district’s five partnering law enforcement agencies including the Corinth Police Department, Denton County Sheriff's Office, Denton Police Department, Little Elm Police Department, Oak Point Police Department hosted officer trainings on Denton ISD campuses. By conducting the drills during school closure, officers worked to become familiar with the facilities as well as practice clear and consistent communication.

All Denton ISD campuses conduct safety drills of all types to routinely affirm safety protocols as well as establish a clear chain of command. Students and staff practice drills regularly and document their procedures to ensure best practices are in place. Audits of safety procedures are conducted and are on file with the Texas Education Agency, including the recent inspection of locks on exterior doors.

Schools utilize a uniform check-in system that allows the school to immediately detect any non-approved visitor on campus. As our partner, families can approve/restrict an individual’s access to our campus through our online registration process. Parents are asked to contact their child's school for more information.

Denton ISD maintains an anonymous reporting system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Any student, staff, or community member may report an incident of bullying, discrimination, drug or alcohol-related issue, potential threat/violence or cyber abuse by text, image, or video through our system. More information is available via

“Parents entrust us with their children every day and we do not take the responsibility for their safety and well-being lightly,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools. “We recognize that the responsibility of keeping children safe is a responsibility shared by everyone. Campus staff has been directed to be on duty and high alert every single day.”

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