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Sandbrock Ranch Elementary Opens, Easing Overcrowding on the District’s Eastern Edge

Sandbrock Ranch HallwayIn the far northeast corner of the district boundary line and just west of FM 1385, Denton ISD opened the doors to its newest elementary school. Sandbrock Ranch Elementary, the district’s 25th elementary school, nestled near the southern end of the Sandbrock Ranch sub-division in the neighboring community of Aubrey welcomed students for the 2022-2023 school year. The campus, built by Balfour Beatty and designed by Pfluger Architects to serve 750 students, will relieve rapid growth and is the seventh elementary school serving students in the Braswell High zone.

 “Our school district sits atop the list of the fastest-growing school districts in North Texas, a testament to our strong sense of community and its support for public education,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools. “Seeing our youngest learners at Sandbrock Ranch Elementary walking into their new building to start this school year is exciting. To have so many students moving into new campuses and new facilities is a testament to the strong support of our community.”

Fast growth has been a driver in the district for more than a decade. Denton ISD has had an average annual growth rate of 3.2 percent for the past five years. That growth has led to the district averaging at least one new school opening per year since 2008. District demographers predict the district will experience a 4.5-5 percent student enrollment growth this year.

The Sandbrock Ranch principal, Mrs. Claire Springer, is a veteran educator and a product of Denton ISD schools. A 2007 graduate of Denton High School, Mrs. Springer can barely contain her excitement about opening campus doors this week. 

“I have wanted to be a principal since I was a little girl and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity,” said Mrs. Springer. “There has been so much intentionality and planning for our campus, so to see the doors swing open for the first day of school is what it's all about. I believe in our work and I will continue to ensure all kids learn at high levels every single day.”

Earlier this year, elementary-aged students zoned to the new school were given an opportunity to choose the school’s mascot. In a landslide tally, 72 percent of the students voted Champions as the new mascot.

The learning environment inside the halls at Sandbrock Ranch Elementary will consist of six stables, each representing champion horses, including Appaloosas, Clydesdales, Galineers, Mustangs, Ponies and Shires. 

In those smaller micro-communities, the goal is to build leadership qualities and student voice by using collaborative spaces to interact with students across grade levels. Every student and every staff member should take pride in their stable.

“The mascot being named Champions raises the bar for every single student at Sandbrock Ranch Elementary to reach their full potential,” said Dr. Jeff Russell, area superintendent of academic programs in the Braswell Zone. “Pairing the mascot name with the unique stable system being implemented by the leadership is a brilliant way to foster a sense of belonging for the students and the entire Sandbrock Ranch community.”      

Denton ISD has several energy-saving measures in place at Sandbrock Ranch Elementary to help lower energy costs at the campus. For example, the school will use solar panels and a rainwater collection system as energy efficiency measures. Other unique features include reflective roofing materials to reduce heat load and energy-efficient geothermal heating & cooling systems to help lower energy costs.

With everything in place for a great beginning to the school year, all that’s left is for the students of Sandbrock Ranch Elementary to make their new building feel like home.