• Advisory Committee Members 

    Program  Last Name First Name Industry 
    Adult Education Garza Octaviano  
    Agricultural Science  Garcia  Chris MBS Seed
    Agricultural Science  Mcuistion Shannon Denton ISD Ag Instructor 
    Aircraft Technology Cloud Mark   
    Aircraft Technology Feathersone Tony AVA Jet
    Aircraft Technology Grant Clint TCC
    Aircraft Technology Hansen Eric American Airlines
    Aircraft Technology Hull Ron AVA Jet
    Aircraft Technology Johnston Daniel TCC
    Aircraft Technology Olsen Myron Continental Airlines
    Aircraft Technology Soules Jeff U S Aviation
    Aircraft Technology Taylor Mark U S Aviation
    Animation Bigolow  Duce Lightwave
    Animation Christian Mike Jovian Minds
    Animation Roberts Jim University of North Texas 
    Animation Sanchez Denna  
    Animation Tysinger Cindy GSATi
    Architecture Beedle Justin Links Construction
    Architecture Dando Beck Rogers-O'Brien Construction
    Architecture Mason Richard Bates Martin Architechs 
    Architecture Ryan Garry Balfour Beatty
    Architecture Shelton Tim Estimater 
    Audiovisual Production Crouch Tim The Crouch Group
    Audiovisual Production Jaskulske Brenda University of North Texas 
    Audiovisual Production Jaskulske Mark Denton ISD
    Audiovisual Production Luna  Rich  
    Audiovisual Production Matthews Billy City of Denton
    Auto Tech Carter Brandon Honda of Denton
    Auto Tech Mull Brendan Tommy's High Tech Auto
    Auto Tech Nash Rick James Wood
    Auto Tech Navaro Richard Honda of Denton
    Auto Tech Owen  Randy Bill Utter Ford
    Auto Tech Rosenberger Michael Tommy's High Tech Auto
    Auto Tech White Mike James Wood
    Auto Tech Wick Rick Classic of Denton
    Business Franklin  Colette  
    Business Keeling  Virginia Denton ISD 
    Business Sager Jeffrey Dr.  UNT
    CISCO Edwards Don  TWU Math 
    CISCO Langford Chris Lewisville ISD 
    CISCO Placido Robert TWU Associate Provost Technology & CIO
    Commerical Photography Ed Steele Ed Steele Photography
    Commerical Photography Kirk Wesley Red Productions
    Commerical Photography Strickland Robert  
    Communications Martin Courtney Denton ISD
    Community Roberts James, Dr. UNT
    Community Sample Jerry Batteries Plus
    Community Sherman Pat DATCU
    Community Vance Mike DATCU
    Consortium Allen Chance Ponder ISD
    Consortium Daniel Chris Argyle ISD
    Consortium Moore Linda Krum ISD
    Consortium Sanders Deborah Aubrey ISD
    Consortium Steeber Debbie  
    Cosmetology  Barron Misty  
    Cosmetology  Begaj Greta Smart Looks
    Cosmetology  Castro Sara  
    Cosmetology  Gochneaur Deidra Nylynn Cosemtics Inc. 
    Cosmetology  Jacobs Leigh Leigh Jacobs Salon
    Cosmetology  Johnson Tina  
    Cosmetology  Molina Erica  
    Cosmetology  Phethean Peggy  
    Cosmetology  Rousch Debbie Debi Do's Salon
    Cosmetology  Shumate Josh Sally Beauty
    Cosmetology  Yarbrough Linda Denton ISD
    Courts System Beck Jamie District Attorney (First Assistant)
    Courts System Berry  Stephanie City Attorney
    Courts System Dobson Earl  
    Courts System Ramsay Robin  Judge
    Courts System Rivera Victoria Attorney
    Criminal Justice Bradford Kyle DPS 
    Criminal Justice Cain Matt  
    Criminal Justice Elrod-Davenport Susan, Lt Denton County
    Criminal Justice Eric Peterson  
    Criminal Justice Fletcher Danny  City of Denton - PD 
    Criminal Justice Martin Mary   
    Criminal Justice Reeves Bengamin (Special Agent) Secret Service - Dallas Field Office
    Criminal Justice Ricky    
    Criminal Justice White Roger City of Denton
    CTE Representation Archer Judy NCTC
    CTE Representation Cox Lynne Cagle UNT
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Kennon Lisa UNT
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Lancaster Kalee Holiday Inn
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Musa Karen Collin College
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Nelson Rob Red Hot and Blue
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Pacherco Beth Hampton Inn and Suites, Denton
    Disaster Response Gormley Brenda Denton County
    Disaster Response Gormley Robert Denton County
    Disaster Response Weimer Christopher UNT
    Education and Training Adamson Kay Denton ISD
    Education and Training Anderson Gina  
    Education and Training Arispe Vanessa Wilson Elementary
    Education and Training Bach David Denton ISD
    Education and Training Boyd Rossana UNT
    Education and Training Bragg Jeanie Denton ISD
    Education and Training DelRio Roxanne  NCTC 
    Education and Training Dickson Violet TEA
    Education and Training Fredrickson Becky  
    Education and Training Garza Donita   
    Education and Training Holt Don Denton ISD
    Education and Training Lawrence Amy  
    Education and Training Malone Peggy TWU Associate Provost Technology & CIO
    Education and Training Nunnelee Stacy  UNT - Speech Pathology 
    Education and Training Rhodes Kim Denton ISD
    Education and Training Sprayberry  Felcia  Gonzalez 
    Education and Training Swindle Molly Denton ISD 
    Education and Training Townsley Lauren  
    Education and Training Tunks Jeanne UNT
    Engineering Goodson Mark  
    Engineering /Business Flobeck Bobby  
    Engineering /Business Fuentes Nathaniel   
    Engineering /Business Williams James, Dr.  
    Engineering/Manufacturing Bohl Greg Solar Logic
    Engineering/Manufacturing Ellard Todd Manda Machine Co.
    Engineering/Manufacturing Floyd Strider NCTC
    Engineering/Manufacturing Glenn Brian City of Denton
    Engineering/Manufacturing Halsey Don Halsey Manufacturing 
    Engineering/Manufacturing Lopez Rudy Bell Helicopter
    Engineering/Manufacturing Paulus Troy Paulus Precision Machine, Inc 
    Engineering/Manufacturing Perez Mateo Former Student
    Engineering/Manufacturing Reed  Bill  
    Engineering/Manufacturing Sherman Judd D &S Engineering
    Engineering/Manufacturing Wulf Douglas  Mayday Manufacturing
    Forensic Science Eddings Patricia University of Texas Arlington 
    Forensic Science Troy Taylor Denton County Chief Death Investigator
    Graphic Design Cunningham Michelle City of Denton 
    Graphic Design Golden Kellie UNT - Former Student
    Graphic Design Golden Kellie  
    Graphic Design Jones Craig Groggy Dog Owner
    Graphic Design Jones Craig  
    Graphic Design Morton Audrey   
    Graphic Design Weems Garrett Graphic Artist - Former Student
    Graphic Design Weems Garrett  
    Graphic Design Williams Daevon  
    Health Science Archer Gie Dean Health Sciences NCTC
    Health Science Baker Suzanne  Rehab Marketing 
    Health Science Calma Georgette  
    Health Science Cantrell Kathy THR Presbyterian - Denton 
    Health Science Detorio Althea  
    Health Science Gallo Joe Paul Denton County Health Department
    Health Science Haley Shelia TWU Coordinator RN BS/MS Program 
    Health Science Horton Caleb Pharm Tech
    Health Science Lair Michelle DON Good Sam 
    Health Science Lopes Jane Nurse Instructor NCTC
    Health Science Malmberg Kathy Denton ISD Coordinator
    Health Science Mays Caroline Medical City
    Health Science Meyer, PhD, RN Mark Brookhaven  College
    Health Science Milam Pam Manager of Volunteer Services 
    Health Science Mitchell Jordan  
    Health Science Seely Art Mayhill Hospital - Pharmacy
    Health Science Soell Douglas owner Velocity PT
    Health Science Stankus Jo-Ann, Dr. TWU Coordinator RN BS/MS Program 
    Health Science Tellson Alaina Baylor Heart  - education 
    Health Science Thomas Heather Pharm Tech
    Health Science Vernon Denisd Denton Rehab
    Health Science -  Hardcastle Kathy Human Resource Officer 
    Health Science - CNS Barnes Debra DON Vintage
    Health Science - CNS Burger Mary  PRN @ UNT
    Health Science - CNS Child Mary  HR @ Denton Rehab
    Health Science - CNS Flugstad Vicky Retired Nurse
    Health Science - CNS Hodge Trina Countryside Nursing and Rehab
    Health Science - CNS Mame Darkwa Adult Ed @ NCTC
    Health Science - CNS Reiber Sheri RN Presby of Flower Mound
    Health Science - CNS Venon Denise DON Denton Rehab
    Health Science - EMT Floyd Strider  
    Health Science - EMT Hedges  Kenneth  
    Health Science - EMT Witherspoon Bert  
    Hospitality Harold Lee  
    Hospitality Lee Harold Asst Professor
    Law Enforcement  Baggette    
    Law Enforcement  Bolin Rodney  
    Law Enforcement  Bolland    
    Law Enforcement  Campbell    
    Law Enforcement  Hinioso     
    Law Enforcement  Kiser Shane Denton County Sherriffs Office
    Welding Aguirre Mario NCTC
    Welding Caldwell Cody Baker Tankhead, Inc
    Welding Jamieson Joe Automated Safety Hitch
    Welding Johnson Wade Allied Welding
    Welding Kitchell Robert GE 
    Welding Pina  Mr   
    Welding Smith Kenny NCTC