• Petitions accepted during the following time frame for 2018-19:

    April 2 – June 14 (Fall) Elementary/ April 2 – May 4 (Fall) Secondary

    Nov. 1 – 30 (Spring) Elementary & Secondary

    When reviewing petitions for student transfers, the district will consider each request on an individual basis; however, the regulations below are in place to ensure consistency in our process.  The transfer petitions will be considered by the Board’s designee during the specified window each year.  If the designee denies the transfer request, the parent may file an appeal to the Superintendent’s designee during May 15 - June 1 and Dec. 10 -14.    

    Please note that campus capacity may vary by grade level.

    The following campuses are closed for transfers during the 2018 - 19 school year due to campus capacity:


    • Adkins
    • Bell
    • Cross Oaks
    • Hawk
    • Lee
    • Paloma Creek
    • Pecan Creek
    • Wilson
    • W.S. Ryan
    • Savannah


    • Braswell
    • Crownover
    • Harpool
    • Navo
    • Denton HS (open for IB only)
    • Guyer
    • Ryan
    Intra-District Transfer District Information
    • Students who live within the Denton ISD attendance zones  •
    Intra-district Transfer Administrative Guidelines
    Intra-district Transfer Application - Elementary
    Intra-district Transfer Application - Secondary 
     Inter-District Transfer Information
    • Students who live outside the Denton ISD attendance zones •
    Inter-district Transfer Administrative Guidelines
    Inter-district Transfer Application - Elementary
    Inter-district Transfer Application - Secondary
    Request to Remain
    • Students who move outside the district or in another zone DURING the school year • 
    If the legal residence of a family changes from one attendance area to another within the District or outside the District,
    the student may either remain at the school he or she was attending before the residence change
    or attend the new attendance zone school. 
    Students seeking Intra- or Inter-District Transfers for the International Baccalaureate Program, should inform themselves about the IB Programme and the schools at which it is offered.
     District Transfer Appeal Process
                                      Transfer Appeal Guidelines                                                         Transfer Appeal Application