Questions About Our Program

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where does the Extended School Day Program take place?
      The program takes place at the school your child attends. 
    • Where do I pick up my child?
      You will come in through the designated ESD entrance. After that, you will need to pick your child up from their location based on the rotation schedule. Because our program rotates throughout the building, you will need to consult the instructor in the cafeteria to determine this location. If ESD is in a central location due to a special activity, you will need to go to that location.
    • What are the hours of Extended School Day?
      Extended School Day is in session from the time that school is dismissed until 6 p.m. each day.
    • What do the children do in Extended School Day?
      A typical day in Extended School Day includes:
      • Snack Time
      • Homework Help
      • Playground time
      • Enrichment Games (i.e. Apples to Apples)
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Choice Activity Time 
    • Who are the ESD staff?
      The ESD staff are typically college students majoring in the area of education. We require all of our staff to have one year of college, some previous experience with children, and they are all background checked.
    • Is there homework time?
      Homework time is built into the beginning of the rotation and depending on the rotation, their time will be between 20 - 30 minutes. ESD staff will be present to answer questions but it is up to the child to let them know if they have homework or not. We do not provided one on one tutoring.
    • What should I send as a snack?
      Send something substantial, especially for the younger children who eat lunch around ten thirty in the morning. Healthy snacks are preferred and students are not allowed to drink sodas, or eat potato chips or candy. A great example would be a sandwich or fresh fruit and water.
    • Can I pay ESD tuition at the school?
      No, please do not pay your tuition at the school. All ESD accounts must be paid online through your parent portal. We do not have autopay.
    • Can other people pick up my child from ESD?
      Other people can pick up your child once you have provided their name and driver's license number to the main ESD office.
    • Can one of my older children pick up my ESD student?
      ESD policies allow only licensed drivers aged 18 or older to pick up the children.
    • Do I always need my Driver's License to pick up my child?
      Yes. Due to increased security measures in the district, you will need to have your Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID readily available at all times when picking up your child.
    • What if I want to withdraw my child and re-enroll later?
      To de-enroll from the program simply fill out the De-enroll notice in "Forms" and send to If you wish to re-enroll after withdrawing, there will be a $50 administration fee. 
    • How do I handle questions or concerns?
      We ask that you direct any questions or concerns to the main ESD office. Please call the main office to speak with your campus coordinator, 940-369-0080.