Information for Parents

  • Parent Reminders

    • Identification: Due to increased security measures, you must always have your driver’s license or government-issued photo ID available for review by ESD staff.
    • Snacks: Don’t forget to send a healthy snack with your child. The snack should be something substantial, like half of a sandwich, fruit, or crackers. Place it in a container marked ESD.
    • Communication: If your child is going to be absent, call the office at (940) 369-0080. If we’re unable to take the call, leave a message on our 24hr voicemail telling us the child’s name, school and the days they will be absent. Please call as far in advance as possible.
    • Activities: If your child participates in an after-school activity such as Choir, Scouts, or Tutoring, please fill out an Activity Form and remind your child to check in with their ESD Instructor before going to their activity so that they are not marked absent.
      • Please note that not calling your student in absent consistently will result in a fee.
    • Address change: If you have moved or have changed your phone number since registering your child for ESD, please contact the office with your new address and phone number as soon as possible. Or, you can also make those changes in your Parent Portal.