Robert Pierce, Chief Technology Officer

  • Mr. Robert Pierce, Chief Technology Officer

    Robert Pierce serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Denton Independent School District, a top-level position he assumed in 2019, after spending five years with the district.

    In 2015, Mr. Pierce left Alliance Technology in the private sector to join Denton ISD serving as Data Network Manager. He became the district’s Information Systems Officer in 2017.

    As Information Systems Officer, Mr. Pierce managed the district’s Information Systems Department, including the Cybersecurity, Informatics, Enterprise Information Systems, Platforms, and Systems teams. Mr. Pierce worked with the Technology Information Officer (TIO) to plan the overall district strategy, including a reorganization of the Technology Division to match a more industry-standard organizational structure. 

    Mr. Pierce brings more than three decades of systems experience with his industry knowledge and strong work ethic, coupled with a proven ability to implement high-level advances in technology. 

    Before joining Denton ISD, Mr. Pierce served as General Partner and Consultant with Alliance Technology for more than 13 years.

    Mr. Pierce earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas in 1994 and his master’s degree in Information Science from the University of North Texas in 1996. Mr. Pierce and his family reside in Corinth.