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    Office Director of Advanced Academics Email Phone  
    PDC Harp, Amy aharp@dentonisd.org 940-369-0678  
    PDC Mireles, Rosie rmireles@dentonisd.org 940-369-0679  
    Adkins Clayton, Michelle mclayton@dentonisd.org 940-369-1310  
    Bell Lowrie, Billie blowrie@dentonisd.org 940-347-7200  
    Blanton      Turner, Thea tturner@dentonisd.org 940-369-0718  
    Borman Denison, Adriana adenison@dentonisd.org 940-369-2545  
    Cross Oaks Biggs, Danna dbiggs@dentonisd.org 940-347-7162  
    E.P. Rayzor    Jeffcoat, Angela ajeffcoat@dentonisd.org 940-369-4167  
    Evers Shipley, Jason jshipley@dentonisd.org 940-369-2680  
    Ginnings Lemmons, Renae rlemmons@dentonisd.org 940-369-2700  
    Hawk Boswell, Laurie lboswell@dentonisd.org 940-369-1849  
    Hodge McMillan, Dayna dmcmillan@dentonisd.org 940-369-2887  
    Houston Bankowski, Kim kbankowski@dentonisd.org 940-369-2900  
    Lee Meek, Tommy tmeek@dentonisd.org 940-369-3500  
    McNair      Burnett, Holly hburnett@dentonisd.org 940-369-3643  
    McNair      Logan, Jasmin jlogan@dentonisd.org 940-369-3640  
    Nelson Matthews, Melissa mmatthews@dentonisd.org 940-369-1460  
    Newton Rayzor Boodt, Ann aboodt@dentonisd.org 940-369-3725  
    Paloma Creek Clay, Ashley aclay@dentonisd.org 972-347-7300  
    Pecan Creek Brown, Michelle mbrown@dentonisd.org 940-369-4453  
    Providence Fincher, Jason jfincher@dentonisd.org 940-369-1953  
    Rivera Oliver, Phyllis poliver@dentonisd.org 940-369-3873  
    Savannah Curran, Malicia mcurran@dentonisd.org 972-347-7400  
    Stephens Boone, Susan sboone@dentonisd.org 940-369-0857  
    WS Ryan Kinard, Widad wkinard@dentonisd.org 940-369-4617  
    Wilson    Gonzales, Becky bgonzales@dentonisd.org 940-369-4508  
    Wilson    Aloyo, Jenny jaloyo@dentonisd.org 940-369-4553  
    Calhoun Clark, Rhonda rclark@dentonisd.org 940-369-2415  
    Crownover Hughes, Sandy shughes@dentonisd.org 940-369-4700  
    Crownover Regenold, Dawn dregenold@dentonisd.org 940-369-4700  
    Harpool Barrera, Tressa tbarrera@dentonisd.org 940-369-1700  
    Harpool Shockley, Jamie jshockley@dentonisd.org 940-369-1651  
    McMath Burgess, Michael mburgess@dentonisd.org 940-369-3300  
    McMath Logan, Jasmin shughes@dentonisd.org 940-369-3341  
    Myers Schon, Sandi sschon@dentonisd.org 940-369-1616  
    Myers Pedigo, Kim kpedigo@dentonisd.org 940-369-1604  
    Navo Small, Kristi ksmall@dentonisd.org 972-347-7575  
    Navo Wilcox, Kelly kwilcox@dentonisd.org 972-347-7525  
    Rodriguez Taylor, Luke ltaylor@dentonisd.org 972-347-7094  
    Strickland Dearman, Christina cdearman@dentonisd.org 940-369-4266  
    Strickland Ellis, Jeremy jellis@dentonisd.org 940-369-4350  
    Braswell HS McCullough, Amanda amccullough@dentonisd.org 972-347-7700  
    Denton HS Nedrow, Scott snedrow@dentonisd.org 940-369-2000  
    Guyer HS Jaskulske, Mark mjaskulske@dentonisd.org 940-369-1000  
    Ryan HS Coley, Rebecca rcoley@dentonisd.org 940-369-3000