• Resources for Parents of Gifted and Talented Children

    Definitions, Models and Characteristics of Gifted Students

    Ian Byrd's website has links to many articles and information concerning the traits of gifted students.  click here

    Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

    This website offers lots of links about MI and information about Gardner's MI Theory. click here

    Books to Read- Parents

    Need a resource book for you to help you live with your gifted child? Here is a resource! click here

    Games Resource

    Online shopping for the gifted child! click here

    Gifted and Talented Organizations

    TAGT, Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented:  The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented is a great resource for teachers and parents of gifted students and their families. Each year they have an annual conference with wonderful speakers and great opportunities to learn how to served gifted children better.  click here

    NAGC, National Association for Gifted Children- A great resource for parents and teachers. click here