• Referral Form 

    Hoja para referir a los estudiantes

    Turn your referral form in to the EXPO Specialist at your school campus. 
    Due dates for the referral form:
    To be included in Kindergarten testing, referrals are due between Nov. 1 to Nov. 16.  
    To be included in the fall testing - Oct. 11
    To be included in the spring testing -  Feb. 17
    To be included in the fall testing - Sept. 24 to Oct. 11 
    To be included in the spring testing - Jan. 13 to Feb. 14

    Appeal Form 

    EXPO Appeal Form

    Apelacion de EXPO del distrito


    Appeal Information 

    Please print off and fill out the appeal form found above and take it to the EXPO Specialist at your child's school.
    Ask the EXPO Specialist or the Administration at your child's school to have a meeting with you regarding the appeal. 
    The Appeal Meeting must be held within ten business days of the date parents are notified which is on the top right of the profile. 
    The Appeal Meeting is due by:

    Testing time             Due Date 19/20

    Transfers                  Oct. 16th

    Fall                             Jan. 18th                 

    Kindergarten           Feb. 21                

    Spring                       May 11th               

    The District Selection Committee is held on Tuesdays.  Due to issues with the Post Office and receiving mail, the ten business day period for appeals starts on the Monday after the District Selection Committee meeting.
    If you have not received a decision within a week of the Monday date (directly above), please contact the EXPO Specialist at your child's school to receive a copy of the decision. 

    Please see the EXPO Handbook for more information about the appeal process.