• So Why Summer Programming?

    It may be of no surprise that research provides evidence that engaging summer programming offers positive long-lasting effects on our children. Selected opportunities allow students to develop their potential into further talent. Often these programs can dive deeper into specific topics longer, beyond what the school classroom is able to provide. In fact, such programs help students shift from knowledge base into  “mastery performance” and “performance orientation”, with high levels of engagement and motivation to push potential (O’Keefe, Ben-Eliyahu, & Linnenbrink-Garcia, 2013).


    Possible Programs for EXPO Students?

    The following link provides an array of programming that may be of interest to your child. Some programs are for GT identified students; others are open to any student. The programs are not an endorsement by the district, simply programs that have been recommended or referred to us by other parents, educators, or the programs themselves.

    Summer Programs Link (Click Here)