Potty Training

  • Per the Texas Education Agency, it is not mandatory that children be fully potty trained before entering a state-funded, public Pre-K program.  However, it is strongly encouraged that families work diligently on potty training once their child is enrolled, if not before. 

    Learning to use the toilet independently is a major milestone for all children, and here in Denton ISD we understand that each child may reach that milestone a little bit differently.  Our educators partner with families to ensure that all children feel supported both at home and at school throughout the process of potty training.

    As a family member, here's how you can help support your child's independence with toileting, whether at home or at school.

    • Dress them in clothing that is easy to remove independently for toileting (elastic waistbands recommended; no overalls or belts)   
    • Have children consistently practice pulling their own pants up and down 
    • Encourage children to wipe themselves 
    • Always have an extra set of clean clothes, including underwear or pullups, in your child's backpack.
    • Enthusiastically praise your child for all effort and success!  Never blame or shame a child for having a potty accident.
    • Be patient and consistent!  They WILL get it eventually!


    The Denton ISD Autism Team will be hosting training for families on how to help your child independently use the toilet.  These particular trainings are open to families of ALL Pre-K students, not just those who qualify for special education.  

    Positive Toilet Training: 

    For questions about the training, please contact Panda Krouse at 940-369-4080 or pkrouse@dentonisd.org