• Denton ISD Family Engagement Plan

    The Denton ISD Early Childhood Program strives to achieve and maintain high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes towards education. An effective family engagement plan creates a foundation for the collaboration of mutual partners, embraces the individuality and uniqueness of families and promotes a culture of learning that is child-centered, age appropriate and family-driven. 

    Denton ISD strives to:

    • Facilitate family-to-family support
    • Establish a network of community resources
    • Increase family participation in decision-making
    • Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning
    • Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices to support families in meeting their child's learning benchmarks
    • Evaluate family engagement efforts and utilize evaluation for continuous improvement

    How can families be involved?

    • Attend parent-teacher conferences
    • Attend activities at school
    • Volunteer at your child's campus
    • Serve on the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at your child's campus
    • Talk, read and play with your child
    • Access and use the online resources provided

    Parent resources: